Slipping and Sliding


I’m reminded of the many times strolling across the slick floors hoping to just stay afloat.  Grease and Grime are the #1 enemies in your kitchen.  If the menu dictates Grills, Fryers, & Broilers you’re likely a candidate for scheduled cleanings.  From moderate to heavy usage, you’ll find that at minimum, a six month cleaning is necessary.  And how are you doing that?


Did you know that with regular scheduled cleanings can save you time and money?  Simply by taking control of your maintenance and staying consistent, you’ll have given your equipment more life, more efficient service and more sanitary conditions and in turn happy customers and employees.


Cleanliness is the way to the satisfaction of everyone, customers and employees alike and increased ticket sales and production from your employees.  They like it!


It is the secret to long lasting production from all your equipment.  Don’t forget the floors as well and by deep cleaning your floors on a daily basis prevents rodents and roaches and bugs from appearing because there will be nothing for them to feed on.  You will save on exterminators.


I remember my wife managing an older kitchen where he infestation of roaches and bugs were so bad.  She rolled up her sleeves and began to put in place daily and weekly cleaning procedures that cleared 90% of the infestation and to where you hardly would find any bug whatsoever.  Didn’t even need any other treatment from outside sources.  Keep it clean and you’ll see the difference it makes.


Good luck to all those who pour out their hearts and souls to cook serve and clean everyday in the foodservice business.  A rewarding business it is!  We salute you!