Design & Engineering

We all have moments when time & money are in short supply.  Of course we all have 24hrs in a day to accomplish our goals, but consider the fact that opening a restaurant today is demanding of both, now & after opening.

To reduce the stress and anxiety from all the details of design, engineering and function, hire a professional who can help steer the ship and bring it into a safe harbor.  There are many factors to consider when getting started.  Concept is very important and knowing what will be on the menu is a HUGE help in moving forward.  Menu determines so much in equipping your facility with the right tools to accomplish the end game.  From Cooking, to storage both refrigerated and dry, to warewashing, there are many things to consider.  Budget will play a part but with a good plan and design of exactly what is needed to make the kitchen a success is over half the battle.  By allowing us to help you find some good used equipment to save dollars and be able to have the equipment to make the job easier and better along with strategic placement of the equipment is what we do.  We will help you find alternatives that will save money and perform great.  A good design always saves you time and money in the long run.

Also, keep in mind that when you hire a professional to handle the logistics and design as well as the installation and service needed, you get experience.  CKRD Foodservice Equipment aka Commercial Kitchen Resource & Design has the experience necessary to give you the type of attention to detail you want.  Let us help you.

Let us help you design and engineer your project from start to finish.  When you do, you’ll have taken the most important step an entrepreneur like yourself will do.  So call us and let’s begin the design process together.  It’s the best investment you will make.

All the Best,

Michael McKnight


How is your restaurant doing in cleanliness?  Do you have infestation of bugs?  Did you hire an extermination company to spray on a regular basis?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading.

There are solutions to keeping a clean place without poisonous chemicals being sprayed.  Shut down maintenance can be performed once a week to once a month dependent on several factors.  First, the amount of business done on a daily basis can have a tremendous impact on your equipment, your staff, and your cleanliness.  That’s where hiring a cleaning agent to come in at the down times to deep clean the floors, equipment, and counters on a regular basis.  This helps in so many ways.

First, it provides a cleaner environment for your staff.  If your employees see a clean work place, they’ll take more pride in working at your place.  Second, your equipment will love you more, last longer and increase the efficiency saving you lots of money in energy, time and repair.  Third, it gives you peace of mind knowing your equipment is running at peak performance and the product the restaurant is providing to your customers is clean and sanitary.  Customers do notice even though they don’t walk through your kitchen.