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How is your restaurant doing in cleanliness?  Do you have infestation of bugs?  Did you hire an extermination company to spray on a regular basis?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading.

There are solutions to keeping a clean place without poisonous chemicals being sprayed.  Shut down maintenance can be performed once a week to once a month dependent on several factors.  First, the amount of business done on a daily basis can have a tremendous impact on your equipment, your staff, and your cleanliness.  That’s where hiring a cleaning agent to come in at the down times to deep clean the floors, equipment, and counters on a regular basis.  This helps in so many ways.

First, it provides a cleaner environment for your staff.  If your employees see a clean work place, they’ll take more pride in working at your place.  Second, your equipment will love you more, last longer and increase the efficiency saving you lots of money in energy, time and repair.  Third, it gives you peace of mind knowing your equipment is running at peak performance and the product the restaurant is providing to your customers is clean and sanitary.  Customers do notice even though they don’t walk through your kitchen.